Helpful Assignment Writing Tips For Scholars

For research scholars assignments are the most important work to win the PhD degree. Assignments are the way to prove a host of skills before the examiners as well before the scholars of the relevant field, in which the assignment is being written. Assignments are written by the scholars to demonstrate:

  • The ability to choose a topic and a central assignment/research question in his/her area of research
  • The ability to apply the academic knowledge and expertise in explaining the research topic and in answering the research question
  • The ability to develop an efficient research methodology so as to collect most relevant information to support the research findings
  • The ability to compare and contrast the views of the scholars in his/her field of research
  • The ability to critically analyse and to organise the evidences and arguments to validate the research findings and conclusions logically and mathematically, if required
  • The ability to contribute, to the field of research, some new thoughts and ideas, thereby enriching the subject of study
  • The ability to represent the entire assignment writing flawlessly and in the most professional manner.

There are lot more skills, than stated above, that are expected to be proved by the assignment, especially, when it is written by a scholar.

Writing such an assignment requires a perfect planning and organising capability. Here are some tips which could be proved useful, when an assignment task is being undertaken by a scholar.

  • The first and foremost step for writing your scholarly assignment is to decide on a topic, in which you do have in depth knowledge and interest. There after you should decide on a research question, which you want to discuss or answer in your assignment.
  • You have to be careful while choosing the topic of assignment writing. The topic should not be one, which has been researched to a great extent and it should not be one, which is under researched.
  • Decide a title which is suitable enough to represent the basic theme of your research assignment.
  • The next important step is to decide on a research methodology. It is important to conduct your investigative process for collecting information, relevant to your assignment
  • The structure of the assignment should be decided in the next step, as it is very important for time management and for getting an outline of your assignment work, at the very initial phase of your project.
  • Assignments generally come with some sort of deadline and, you have to submit the whole work before that deadline. So time management is one of the most vital factors and should be taken into account at the inception of your assignment project. The available time should be divided in between various phases of the assignment work in accordance of their relative importance and criticality. By doing this, you can check your progress against the standard time set for each phase and can exercise control, effectively, on the time required to finish the assignment and submit it before the deadline
  • A recording system should be in vogue from the very beginning. This is important to take notes of the resources researched or the new ideas and thoughts that will occur at the time of writing the assignment. Occurrence of thoughts and ideas is a continuous process, and these should be recorded properly so as to use them in the assignment when it is required. Moreover the researched resources should also be noted down for referencing them at the end of the assignment writing.
  • The literature review should be written very carefully, as this is the first thing that the examiners will go through before taking a detailed view of your assignment. In fact, the literature review should be written to give an insight to your assignment, in brief and concise format and clearly.
  • The assignment must be original in nature. Means, it should be capable of contributing new thoughts and ideas to the field of research to which the assignment relates. You have to be very careful about any kind of plagiarised work, as even a small percentage of plagiarism will compromise the quality of your assignment and can lead to its rejection by the examiners.
  • The language quality must be good so as to reflect a good command in language. In fact it has been found in many cases, that due to poor quality of language the assignments failed to create positive impression on the examiners thereby leading to poor academic performance or even rejection of the assignment.
  • It is always better to use professional copyediting and proofreading services before submitting the assignment to the examining body. These two services will eliminate typographic errors as well as, errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation, if there is any. Moreover, these services will also help you to improve the presentation quality by improving the logical construction of sentences, by improving the paragraphing and by eliminating the use of unnecessary words, thereby making your assignment brief, clear, concise and professional

However, while writing a scholarly assignment, you have to remember that the supervision and the guide of your professor or supervisor is one of the most important things you have to consider to produce a quality assignment. From the very beginning, at each and every stage of your progress, it is imperative that you discuss the details of your work with him/her, so that you can get valuable suggestions and recommendation to improve the quality of your work and to achieve the aim of your assignment. However, in most of the cases, it will be tough for you to get the assistance and guide of your supervisor at any time, because of their busy schedule. In that case, even you can consider taking the help of any reputed online assignment help services to assist you at each and every step of your assignment work. However, while choosing such professional services, always choose one, which has a proven track record in doing assignments successfully in your field of research.

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